Proven Produce

Holistic process which guarantees a mutually beneficial outcome for all involved in the supply chain.

Guaranteed Produce

  • Unique grower partnerships providing better than average returns
  • Produce experts
  • Vast market understanding
  • Investment in packhouses


  • On the ground quality assessors – experts in their fields
  • New post-harvest innovation is always being explored


  • Logistic partners who specialise in perishable produce
  • Constantly reviewing all aspects of our supply chain to improve grower return and produce quality
  • Pre-shipment quality reports prepared and fruit temperature monitored
  • Labelled and barcoded for end-to-end traceability
  • On arrival quality assessors examine produce and communicate accordingly which influences our continuous improvement strategy


  • Global focused and not reliant on one single market giving growers/producers confidence in the process
  • Customer mix is very diverse variety of retail and wholesale
  • Produce characteristics are assessed and the best market is chosen to maximise grower/producer returns
  • Customers can be assured that they are getting the best quality and most consistent produce available
  • Always looking for new markets to ensure we remain as the industry leaders

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Alongside our trusted partners, we bring the highest quality fresh fruit available to customers globally.