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Our History

EXIM Trading was formed in 2007 and has had continuous growth since. In 2019 EXIM Trading Global (EXIM) was formed which merged all EXIM international businesses into the one trading business. We are now recognised as a world leader in the supply of high-quality fresh produce. EXIM has been built on generations of horticultural experience. Our staff are dedicated to supplying the highest-quality produce sourced from around the world. EXIM has offices located in Australia and New Zealand. EXIM’s produce is exported internationally, utilising the best freight, logistics, customer clearance providers and value-added service teams from across the globe.

What We Do

EXIM prides itself on supplying customers with the highest-quality fresh fruit and vegetables. We are a globally recognised import / export company that prioritises quality, integrity, and a customer-centric approach to satisfy the needs of all our stakeholders. We place an organisational focus on continued growth, practicing innovative and sustainable practices to achieve financial success while exercising the utmost care for food safety and the environment. Our commitment to providing premium produce is displayed by how closely we work with our supply chain to ensure that the highest possible standards are met from the grower/supplier to the consumer.



To be a globally recognised import / export company that places great emphasis on providing superior quality produce to market in order to achieve optimal returns for our customers and growers/suppliers.



We recognise that a business is only as robust as its team. We continuously encourage innovative behaviours and thinking. This has allowed us to develop a team of skilled and dedicated professionals.

Bradley Senn

Managing Director

Maxwell Chin


Julian Panuccio

Chief Financial Officer

Nathan Senn

Accounts Manager

Thomas Chin

Administration Manager

Lance Sheerin

NZ Operations Manager

Nicola Taverna

Quality Assurance Officer

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Alongside our trusted partners, we bring the highest quality fresh fruit available to customers globally.